Police are not the solution, dialogue and negotiation now!

Statement by UGT and CCOO on the Catalan Referendum

In the last few weeks, CCOO and UGT have made several appeals to defuse the tension and find a negotiated solution to the potenial conflict that could occur if the referendum went ahead, and if the legal and police actions were not stopped.

Neither one thing nor the other has occurred, and today, what we all should have prevented has become a reality. “Time will give us perspective of the collective failure that we are living through”, has declared CCOO’s General Secretary, Unai Sordo. UGT’s General Secretary, Pepe Álvarez, stated that “this is a political conflict and it needs political solutions”.

The intervention of the Government and of the State legal system has not been proportionate and has shown its most repressive face, contributing with its excessive force to increase the tension. A police solution is not the solution.

Social mobilisation in Catalonia has been unquestionable and it expresses, with no doubt, the existence of a political conflict which cannot be handled unilaterally by the Catalan Government, or exclusively from administrative and judicial points of view. Even less when, in the end, the latter results in policing actions which fuel the conflict.

We convene to put the situation back into scenarios of dialogue among political parties and governments; negotiation, discussion and democracy are the way out of this crisis.

When the worst predictions have been met, we insist on calling those who have the utmost responsibilities in both sides of the conflict to desist from adopting new measures that could heighten the confrontation.

We make a new appeal to replace the strategy of tension and conflict by a new one of dialogue and negotiation.

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