Romanian IT Union, SITT, grows further as Elster Rometrics employees join

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Elster Rometrics employees have joined the SITT union which has nearly 4,000 members, organised in Nokia Romania (formerly Alcatel-Lucent Romania and its founders), Nokia Systems Networks Romania, Accenture Managed Services, Wipro Technoligies Romania and Atos IT Solutions and Services .

After the IT Union of Timisoara, SITT, was legally recognised in SC Elster Rometrics SRL in February, more than 60% of the approximately 230 employees joined.

With over 20 years of presence in Romania, the company is active in the energy field, being one of Honeywell’s leading research and development hubs in Smart Energy. The company also has an important component in the production of electricity meters.

New union members cited wanting to negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement together with experienced trade unionists as one of the main reasons leading to the mass membership of the union employees.

At the same time, employees consider that, as part of a strong and well-organised union, they will have a stronger voice in the dialogue with the company’s management, which will also bring significant benefits to working conditions.

The process of negotiating a new collective labor contract at the company level has already begun.

The main claims relate to;

  • social protection,
  • flexibility of working hours,
  • benefits and extra-wage premiums,
  • and the number of days of rest leave.

SITT officials said, “We are happy that Elster Rometrics employees see in the SITT (IT Trade Union of Timisoara) a body able to represent them in their relationship with the employer. As with the other companies, we also plan to build together with our new colleagues the best representation in the relationship with the employer. Our goal is to negotiate a Collective Labor Agreement at Company level that brings added value to each employee. At the same time, we want to promote a constructive and mutually beneficial social dialogue both for employees and for the company’s activity in Romania. The fact that employees are increasingly aware of the importance of sound, efficient and professional representation in their relationship with employers, regardless of their field of activity, is a major positive change for the Romanian labor market. ”

Timisoara IT Union, set up in Timisoara in 2009, is one of the largest trade unions in the IT sector, outsourcing and support services in Romania, representing about 5,000 employees from various profile companies in the country.