UNI Europa Finance ready to launch negotiations with Intesa Sanpaolo bank

Monday 8 October 2018

UNI Europa Finance Trade Union Alliance (TUA) and European Works Council (EWC) for Intesa Sanpaolo kick-off meeting took place on 27 September in Rome. The meeting was arranged to demand that the company agree to opening an EWC.

Attended by trade union representatives from 10 unions from Italy, Romania, Hungary and Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, the meeting was structured around two related topics. On one hand the importance of having these structures in place was clarified to the participants, and on the other hand, the concrete next steps were discussed. It was agreed that provided no further comments to the agreement were received within a week of the meeting the letter of demand would be signed by all the represented unions and sent to the company. You can find the documents below.

UNI Finance thus hopes to launch negotiations with the company shortly in order to capitalise on the momentum generated by this meeting.

During the meeting UNI Global’s 10 Principles for Responsible Data gathering and 10 Principles of Ethical AI development were also presented, giving the participants an overview of the work currently going on within the Future World of Work context.