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On 19 May 2015, the European Commission presented a 700+ page package of documents. They describe the principles to which European legislation must adhere, as well as the processes leading up to making or revising EU legislation. The package is aimed at improving the conditions for Europe’s small and medium-sized companies by “cutting red tape” and “removing unnecessary burdens”. UNI Europa has criticised the package for its lack of commitment to social conditions, for its favouritism of industry needs, and for the Commission’s attempt to de-democratise the legislative process.
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As good as it gets?

Monday 11 January 2016

By Christina J. Colclough, Head of EU Affairs, UNI Europa Across Europe, wealth and income inequality is rising. The top 10% are getting richer whilst the bottom 40% are stuck in a standstill if not getting poorer by the day. At the same time, and making it even worse, new forms of employment are spreading…

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Deal on ‘better regulation’ – Politico reports

Friday 11 December 2015

Today, Brussels-based Politico reported that EU institutions have reached an agreement on the European Commission’s ‘better regulation‘ agenda, recognising the joint responsibility of Commission, Europan Parliament and Council of Ministers “in delivering high quality legislation” in order to strengthen the EU’s economy. After attacks from trade unions and NGOs, the Commission had to include new promises to ensure the…

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Better Regulation Watchdog sends open letter on EU wide ‘regulatory burden’ target

Thursday 10 December 2015

The Better Regulation Watchdog network (UNI Europa is founding member and part of the steering group) has on 10 December sent an open letter European Commission’s First Vice-President Frans Timmermans in response to a recent letter signed by Ministers from 19 Member States ahead of the 30 November Competitiveness Council, in which the signatories call…

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Quantitative targets and member state irresponsibility

Tuesday 1 December 2015

By Christina J. Colclough, Head of EU Affairs, UNI Europa On 26 November 2015, First-Vice President of the EU Commission Timmermans, received a letter signed by 19 EU member states. In it, the member states praise Mr Timmermans’ Better Regulation agenda and its focus on competitiveness, on the removal of ‘unnecessary burdens’ and on the…

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European Commission: Is this a small thing?

Friday 27 November 2015

In a recent “explanatory” publication on better regulation, the Commission openly mocks the ongoing efforts of social partners to implement a European Framework Agreement on health and safety in the hairdressing sector. The Commission, repeating its mantra of “The EU must not be big on small things” alongside with two images, one of them being…

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