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UNI Europa Equal Opportunities celebrates and encourages diversity. We believe that we can build fairer Europe by fighting the barriers created by the existent inequalities in our world.
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UNI launches campaign to ratify ILO C190 against workplace violence

Monday 25 November 2019

Today, UNI Equal Opportunities is launching a 16-day campaign that will highlight the historic ILO Convention 190 (C190) on violence and harassment in the world of work, which was signed in June 2019. The convention provides a strong gender perspective with the aim of protecting women at work around the world. However, there’s still work to do! For the convention to be effective, it…

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A new step towards Work Life Balance for European workers

Thursday 4 April 2019

Today, 4 April, the Work Life Balance (WLB) Directive was passed in the European Parliament. The text was agreed in between the European Institutions in trialogue on 24 January 2019. The Directive makes a big difference for the modern workers and families by strengthening existing outdated as well as new rights on parental leave, paternity…

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Our fight has been long in the making!

Friday 8 March 2019

Before #MeToo, before #Niunamenos, UNI Women were fighting back. Before violence against women became daily news in the media, before thousands of workers in the #googlewalkout left their workplaces to protest against sexual harassment, UNI women were fighting back. Our fight has been long in the making! Since the early 2000s, UNI Global Union, through its UNI Equal Opportunities…

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