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UNI Europa celebrates the centenary of ALEBA

Friday 8 June 2018

This week, UNI Europa Regional Secretary, Oliver Roethig, celebrated the centenary of ALEBA, the largest trade union in Luxembourg’s financial sector. At an event, also attended by Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, the Minister for work, employment, social economy and solidarity, over 300 committed trade unionists came together to appreciate ALEBA’s work over the past 100 years….

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Successful collective bargaining reaps rewards for finance workers in Norway

Thursday 31 May 2018

All finance employees in Norway have the right to receive a wage that will compensate for inflation and rise in line with productivity gains as they are strong contributors to the profitability of the finance sector. The past year has paid out major dividends to shareholders, while many employees have lost purchasing power. After intense…

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Romanian finance unions gear up to restore sectoral bargaining

Wednesday 14 March 2018

The Romanian Federation of Trade Unions in Insurance and Banking (FSAB), with support from UNI Global Union, is gearing up for a historic fight to regain the sectoral bargaining rights lost in 2011. Earlier this week, FSAB and UNI leaders met in the mountain town of Predeal to prepare for this push, and the campaign…

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Finnish Finance unions fight to renew national collective agreement

Monday 12 February 2018

For Finnish Finance unions,  their previous collective agreement ended in November 2017 and accordingly, negotiations began between three trade unions, two of which are UNI Finance affiliates, Pro and Nousu, and the employer associations Finance Finland FA and Service Sector Employers Palta. Negotiations have been tough as the employer associations wish to change the rules…

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