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The European Region of the Media, Entertainment & Arts sector of Union Global Union (UNI MEI), represents over 70 unions and guilds in the media, entertainment and arts sector in Europe. The membership of its affiliates includes technicians, screenwriters, film directors and other workers in broadcasting, cinema, theatre as well as in visual arts.
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Eyes half shut: Ending long-hours culture in UK Film & TV Industries

Thursday 29 March 2018

BECTU, the UK’s media and entertainment trade union, has launched the campaign ‘Eyes half shut’ committed to ending the long-hours culture in UK film and TV industries. The campaign calls on PACT, UK major motion picture studios’ representatives, the British Film Council, BBC, Directors UK, ITV, Sky, British Screen, Advertising Producers Association and Channel 4 to…

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Success as Switzerland says “No” to No-Billag initiative

Sunday 4 March 2018

The overwhelming majority of the Swiss population showed strong support for public service broadcasting by rejecting the No-Billag initiative in a national referendum on 4th March, voting in favour of sustaining quality public service media. The initiative, which called for the abolition of the license fee for public radio and television, was voted down by…

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No to “No-Billag” Initiative: Solidarity with Swiss colleagues campaigning for a sustainable public service broadcasting sector

Monday 29 January 2018

Switzerland is preparing to vote on the “No-Billag” initiative, which, if it passes, will lead to the removal of the licence fee that is the cornerstone of the funding of public service broadcasting. The initiative also prohibits any state subsidies to public service broadcasting. “No-Billag” could lead to the closure of up to 60 public…

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European audiovisual sector committed to enhancing gender equality and diversity

Saturday 20 January 2018

In January 2018, EURO-MEI, together with its sister union federations FIA (International Federation of Actors), FIM (International Federation of Musicians) and EFJ (European Federation of Journalists) and the European employer’s organisations in the audiovisual sector (EBU, ACT, AER, FIAPF and CEPI) kicked off a new two year project on gender equality and diversity. The aim…

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