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In order to defend the interests of its affiliates and their members, UNI Europa needs to counteract the actions of the MNCs, by developing an alternative coordinated strategic approach by using and maximising the limited resources available.

In its coordinated approach on multinationals, UNI Europa seeks to develop not only policy discussions but also and mainly concrete European trade union actions (such as campaigns, organising activities, collective bargaining coordination, transnational negotiations).

Trade union coordinators for EWCs and SE Works Councils play also an important role in accompanying and strengthening EWCs and SE WCs. Their aim is to improve the ability of the trade unions and EWCs to take effective action beyond national borders. For UNI Europa, these coordinators are an essential lever for a successful company policy coordinated at European level.

The UNI Europa team on EWCs and MNCs is working to

• Develop EWCs as tool for trade union action
• Enhance transnational trade union coordination to anticipate change and restructuring inn MNCs
• Define strategies to strengthen trade union presence and support in multinationals and European work councils
• Establish of strong, stable and sustainable trade union alliances among affiliates with the view to improve the working conditions, ensure a successful consultation process for employees and a factual influence on the decision making process of company’s managements.
• Reinforce the role of EWC coordinators
• Provide tools, training and concrete solutions to the problems faced by EWCs members and coordinators
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UNI Europa ICTS Outsourcing Project Workshop

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Oliver Roethig, UNI Europa Regional Secretary is one of the high level attendees of the UNI Europa ICTS Outsourcing Project Workshop taking place in Brussels today. The workshop is the main event of an EU funded project looking at the different outsourcing flows and strategies of companies in the ICT sector. The increasing tendency to…

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Metro Euroforum and UNI sign an opinion on the imminent demerger

Thursday 24 November 2016

On 23rd of November, on the occasion of its extraordinary meeting, the Metro EuroForum, the European Works Council for the Metro group, signed an opinion on the imminent demerger of the Metro group. The demerger, officially announced before the summer this year, will take effect only in Mid 2017 when the shareholders assembly will approve…

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UNI Europa Commerce congratulates Carrefour EWC on its 20 years anniversary

Friday 7 October 2016

On 5th October 2016, in the beautiful city of Rome, UNI Europa Commerce Director Laila Castaldo addressed audience of the celebration event of 20 years of activity of the Carrefour CICE (European Committee for information and consultation). The CICE, a transnational body composed of trade union representatives from six European countries (France, Spain, Italy, Belgium,…

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Call for tender: Project: “Promoting Trade Union strategies to increase the effectiveness of EWC’s and social dialogue in the European Tissue Paper Industry”

Thursday 22 September 2016

Call for tender: UNI EUROPA is recruiting a consultant to carry out a research led activity part of an EU funded project under the title “Promoting Trade Union strategies to increase the effectiveness of EWC’s and social dialogue in the European Tissue Paper Industry- VS/2015/0368 Find out more here

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