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Last Chance Social Europe?

Thursday 11 February 2016

By Christina J. Colclough, Head of EU Affairs Let’s face it, the European Commission, which came to office under the President’s warning that this is the Commission of the Last Chance, has little – if any – interest in strengthening worker’s rights in Europe. Indeed, roughly 5 months into their term, the First Vice-President of…

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European services: The backbone of Europe’s economy

Monday 1 February 2016

By Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary Services are the backbone of European economic and social life. The EU’s economy (which is the world’s largest) is measured in terms of the goods and services it produces (GDP). A common vision for the future of services in Europe is therefore crucial to ensure healthy, happy workers and a…

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The Road to Rome

Sunday 17 January 2016

By Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary Political and technological forces are threatening workers’ rights all over Europe. The European Commission is pushing the EU in an increasingly neoliberal direction, through initiatives such as the “Better Regulation Agenda” and is increasingly effective in its anti-worker agenda. President Juncker’s team seems set on creating an EU which put…

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As good as it gets?

Monday 11 January 2016

By Christina J. Colclough, Head of EU Affairs, UNI Europa Across Europe, wealth and income inequality is rising. The top 10% are getting richer whilst the bottom 40% are stuck in a standstill if not getting poorer by the day. At the same time, and making it even worse, new forms of employment are spreading…

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The Amorality of the Sharing Economy

Wednesday 16 December 2015

By Christina J. Colclough, Head of EU Affairs, UNI Europa Recently, I have held quite a few speeches on the sharing economy, or rather on the amorality of the sharing economy and the new forms of employment we see are on the rise: bogus self-employment, zero-hour contracts to name just two. The sharing economy, marketed…

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