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For decades, trade unions have been a pillar of democratic societies. UNI Europa works with our affiliates to boost union membership, strengthen union structures and grow the capacity to organise and build power within our sectors.
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Standing in solidarity with embattled US Santander workers

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Today, Brussels welcomed US Santander workers fighting for trade union recognition. Even though many of Santander’s international branches in Europe and South America are already organised, American workers face a barrage of obstacles and obstructions. From the beginning of this year, employees of Santander, Spain’s biggest bank, have called on executives to respect their right…

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European trade unions hail successful organising action at Amcor in Poland

Thursday 9 November 2017

Following months of organising campaigns, workers succeeded in setting up trade unions at previously unorganised Amcor plants in Poland with the support of COZZ (Central European Organising Center) and transnational trade union solidarity. A delegation of UNI Europa Graphical & Packaging and industriAll Europe trade unions met the new union members in Łódź to hail…

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Workers struggle to make ends meet due to bogus minimum wages

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Minimum wages are so far below the official low-wage threshold in many EU countries that many workers would struggle to make a living, shows an ETUC briefing paper published today. Minimum wages would have to increase by 62% in Spain, 28% in Germany and 22% in the UK just to reach a level below the…

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Romania’s trade unions going from strength to strength

Wednesday 11 October 2017

In a time where trade unions are facing an unprecedented crackdown throughout the world, two Romanian trade unions have won 2017 Breaking Through Awards. Romanian IT union SITT (Sindicatul IT Timisoara) received a Breaking Through Award after their campaign to help tech workers organise gained over 1,100 new members in less than six months. They are…

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World Day for Decent Work Video from UNI Europa

Saturday 7 October 2017

What does decent work mean to you? Taking in consideration different cultures, backgrounds and personal experiences, staff at UNI Europa were asked for their interpretation of ‘decent work’. Many thanks to Oliver (Regional Secretary), Natalie, Johannes, Maureen, Nicola, Amel, Aileen, Morten, Véronique, Juulia and Dimitris. (English subtitles are available)

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