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Find here information on UNI Europa’s work on EU services policy. Unlike the European Commission, we do not believe that the integration of the internal market is enough to support quality jobs, growth, and quality services. UNI Europa therefore strives to develop an alternative EU services policy.

Over the past twenty years, creating the internal market for services has been the EU’s flagship initiative in the field of services policy. Yet, UNI Europa observes that the internal market project has contributed to the growth of precarious employment and low quality services. We are therefore active to change the direction of EU internal market policy and to put targeted policies for quality jobs and quality services on the Commission’s agenda. We work with the European institutions, fellow trade unions, and researchers to develop an EU services policy that works for all – service workers, consumers, and companies alike.
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Urgent call to governments for a democratic debate on TiSA

Friday 27 May 2016

Philip Jennings, UNI Global Union General Secretary said:  “The newly leaked documents on TiSA reveal once more that the trade rules are being written to benefit the top 1%. If adopted, TiSA would reduce the ability of governments to regulate to protect financial stability, labour rights and the environment. The TiSA talks strike at the…

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Better Regulation – it really isn’t

Tuesday 1 March 2016

UNI Europa, the European services workers union, launched a campaign today under the slogan “Better Regulation – It Really Isn’t.” The campaign is supported by the entire European trade union movement: ETUC, EFFAT, IndustriALL Europe, EPSU, ETF Europe, CSEE-ETUCE, EFBWW and the IFJ. The campaign showcases how the European Commission is stalling important social legislation…

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What is the future of care in Europe?

Friday 26 February 2016

A landmark roundtable on the future of the Care sector took place this Wednesday at the European Parliament. Stakeholders from the whole sector were present, including care workers, companies, non-profits, user organisations and academics, to discuss the future of Europe’s care sector with MEPs and European Commission representatives. The backdrop to this meeting is the…

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European services: The backbone of Europe’s economy

Monday 1 February 2016

By Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary Services are the backbone of European economic and social life. The EU’s economy (which is the world’s largest) is measured in terms of the goods and services it produces (GDP). A common vision for the future of services in Europe is therefore crucial to ensure healthy, happy workers and a…

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The Road to Rome

Sunday 17 January 2016

By Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary Political and technological forces are threatening workers’ rights all over Europe. The European Commission is pushing the EU in an increasingly neoliberal direction, through initiatives such as the “Better Regulation Agenda” and is increasingly effective in its anti-worker agenda. President Juncker’s team seems set on creating an EU which put…

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