UNI Europa’s Christina Colclough at Politico event on the Industrial Internet Era

Friday 11 December 2015

On 8 December, UNI Europa’s Head of EU Affairs Dr. Christina J. Coclough spoke at a Politico event on the Industrial Internet Era. Focus was the influence of the Digital Single Market on the development of the Industrial Internet and its promise to turn Europe’s traditional industries around. What incentives can policymakers create to encourage its adoption? And – a crucial question for UNI Europa and Christina Colcough – what will the impact on the workforce be?

As the only trade union representative at the event, she made sure workers and their rights were part of the discussion. The world of work will see a major transformation in terms of business models and the forms of work. Christina J. Colclough pointed out that UNI Europa looks at the developments in positive ways but also sees a lot of challenges – the main ones being a rise in individualisation of the workforce, where colleagues essentially become competitors, new forms of employment, including bogus self-employment as well as crowdsourcing.

Watch the video of the panel ‘The Future Factory Floor’ here


Politico also interviewed Christina ahead of the event – watch the video here