UGT and CC.OO sign a collective agreement for Lidl

Thursday 10 March 2016

On 4th March 2016, CCOO, UGT and Lidl management signed what has been hailed by Spanish Unions as the best Collective Agreement among all supermarkets in the retail sector. The text that affects 11,000 workers foresees a wage increase, provisions to ensure a better work life balance and a guarantee of more job stability.

The agreement provides for the highest minimum wage in the sector and extra- pay for Sunday work. In addition, it includes a distribution of 224 days a year which means that employees will enjoy two days of weekly rest. This measure implies a benefit in terms of reconciliation of family and work life, and an improvement of the health and safety of workers. Employees will be granted 23 working days of vacation.

Another of the most significant measures of the collective agreement is the consolidation of extra hours. This is an increase of contracted hours, which is particularly important in a sector where part time contracts are the general trend.

UNI Spanish affiliated unions CC.OO and UGT warmly welcomes the conclusion of an agreement that improves the purchasing power of the workforce, increases job stability and make significant progress in reducing psychosocial risks.

The signature of this agreement, which counted on the commitment and outstanding work of trade union representatives and leaders who have participated very actively in this long and sometimes hard negotiation process, is a good reference not only for workers in Lidl, but also for the whole supermarkets’ chains industry.

UNI Europa congratulates its Spanish affiliates for this important achievement and wishes other countries follow the example of Spain in Lidl. Lidl, a German based company, does not enjoy the same reputation of offering such favorable working conditions in other countries in Europe. UNI Europa has recently established a network of trade unions in Lidl with a view to exchange good practices, share experiences and knowledge and ultimately, support affiliates in all countries in fighting for better terms and conditions of employment in countries where Lidl operates.