Social Partners in seven key services sectors publish a statement on the importance of Sectoral Social Dialogue

Monday 20 June 2016

In a joint statement signed by UNI Europa, the European services workers union, and employers organisations – COESS – Confederation of European Security Services, Coiffure EU, EBF – European Banking Federation, EFCI- European Federation of Cleaning Industries, EuroCiett, EuroCommerce, Insurance Europe, – the Social Partners recognise the key role of Social Dialogue as an essential tool for growth, quality jobs and competitiveness in Europe.

Social Dialogue is a cornerstone of the social dimension of the single market. Increasing social inequality and unemployment are unfortunately still a main trend in many European countries. That makes Social Dialogue an important instrument to build a more inclusive society and to restore trust in the European project as a driver for cohesion and social progress. Social Dialogue can also be a boost for companies to invest in training, skills and innovation.

The joint statement, which stresses the specific importance of Sectoral Social Dialogue compared to cross-industry Social Dialogue underlines:

  • the added value of European social dialogue,
  • the autonomy of social partners and their role as co-legislators,
  • the common trends and patterns affecting the services industry in Europe
  • their expertise and knowledge of the sector and their role in anticipating change,
  • their role in EU policy making,
  • the need to allocate more resources to social dialogue,
  • the respect of social partners agreements,
  • the importance of a strong national membership and the need to improve social dialogue in Eastern Europe,
  • the implementation of social dialogue outcomes and
  • the representativeness studies as a way to reinforce social dialogue.

Read the full statement here in English. French or German.

This joint statement is the outcome of a recent event UNI Europa organised, gathering social partners from  the 13 sectors under its umbrella for a much needed discussion about the future of Social Dialogue.

Watch UNI Europa’s video on Social Dialogue here