Statement of support for our Greek colleagues’ strike action on 17 May 2017

Tuesday 16 May 2017

UNI Europa is stating its support for the general strike action which our Greek colleagues will be taking on 17 May 2017 against the new anti-labour laws and 4th memorandum which the Greek government is preparing to sign.

We call upon the Greek government and the European Union to restore collective bargaining fully, in particular at sectoral level. The refusal to do so is undermining the capacity of trade unions to operate and is contrary to EU and Human Rights standards and ILO Conventions.

It is also counterproductive as collective bargaining is the main way to increase demand and get the real economy in Greece working again. It is a paradox that at the same time as the EU Commission is promoting respect for social rights they are demanding that Greece adopts measures that are, for example, contrary to the principles in the European  Pillar of Social Rights.

UNI Europa statement of support