UNI Europa responds to EU White Paper on the Future of Europe

Wednesday 2 August 2017

UNI Europa today responded to the European Commission’s online request for feedback to its ‘White paper on the future of Europe and the way forward.’

In the paper, the EU Commission sets out five possible scenarios for the possible state of the Union by 2025 depending on the choices Europe will make.

In short, UNI Europa is sorely disappointed in the paper’s lack of a social dimension. There is no mention of the fundamental rights and standards of workers, no mention of the role of social dialogue, trade unions or collective bargaining.

“The white paper clearly shows the EU Commission’s indifference towards a more social Europe. When setting out possible pathways forward – there should be a path towards Europe regaining workers’ and citizens’ trust and enthusiasm for the EU project, towards a Europe with improved, better-enforced social and employment rights and standards across the continent.” Oliver Roethig, UNI Europa Regional Secretary commented, “We need an EU Commission with the foresight to protect and promote trade unions, social dialogue and collective bargaining so that workers can enjoy stability at work and security in life.” He continued.

UNI Europa calls on the EU to deliver a credible promise of hope for working people and for ‘The European Pillar of Social Rights’ to be at the core of ‘Future of Europe’ policies and strategies.

Read the full response here.

Read the ‘White paper on the future of Europe and the way forward’ here.