UNI MEI – Strong Actors for a Sustainable and Inclusive Industry

Tuesday 7 November 2017

European trade union leaders in the media & entertainment industry adopt work programme to give a strong voice to cultural workers in the workplace. Representatives of media & entertainment unions affiliated to UNI Europa came together in Brussels for their forth-annual General Assembly to review its common agenda, formulate their joint objectives and work priorities. The Assembly also elected a new leadership. William Maunier from the French CGT union workers in the audiovisual sector SNRT was re-elected for a four-year term.

Maunier said “Our engagement aims at growing the mutual strength of unions across Europe to foster social dialogue in multinational companies and at sector level, to defend the dignity of all workers at the workplace, and to campaign for quality jobs, fair remuneration & contracts. We want to shape the transformation of the European digital economy by defending and nourishing freedom and diversity of expression and inclusiveness in our sector.”

Going forward UNI Europa – Media, Entertainments & Arts will focus its work on five strategic priorities:

  • Grow union power by increasing unions’ organising capacities and grow unions
  • Defend dignity@work by promoting equality & diversity, health & safety and decent working conditions
  • Foster social dialogue by growing union to union cooperation and the development of common policies in multinationals and by stepping up the nature, ambition and commitment of the European social dialogue process in the audiovisual and live performance
  • Sustain quality jobs and fair contracts & remuneration by campaigning for a sustainable and fair future world of work with, quality jobs, fair contracts and remuneration and access to skills development
  • Nourish freedom, diversity and inclusiveness by campaigning for the respect of freedom of expression, media pluralism cultural diversity and the independence of public service media as well as the protection of media workers.

Download here the resolutions adopted and the list of the elected Executive Committee.