European Social Dialogue targeted initiative: strengthening social dialogue in the professional basketball sector

Sunday 14 January 2018

Since the start of the test phase of the European sectoral social dialogue committee (ESSDC) for sport and active leisure in 2012 the social partners UNI Europa Sport and the European Association of Sports Employers (EASE) have been working towards increasing its representativeness in order to meet the criteria required for an official social dialogue committee to be launched.

Alongside its capacity-building efforts the committee has primarily dedicated itself to issues that cut across the three sub-sectors – not-for-profit sport, professional sport, and active leisure. However, The European Social Partners have decided to focus this year on the professional sub-sector under this action so that they can reach concrete results in their efforts in building a strong professional basketball alliance. Based on the lessons learned and recommendations developed under previous projects, the European Social Partners have decided to deepen their cooperation and enter a new phase of their joint work.

The project will support the work of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for sports. It will play a critical role in the social partners (EASE/UNI Europa)’efforts in becoming an official ESSDC. All previous projects conducted by UNI Europa and its partners were successful. The projects have helped in implementing the work programme and to disseminate joint outputs of the ESSDC for sports. All project activities were organized in close collaboration with the social partner EASE, adhering to the shared notion that the success of the test phase depends on the willingness of all stakeholders to work together. In this spirit, the Social Partners jointly with EU Athletes (UNI Europa’s affiliated organisation) have jointly decided to apply for a new project that will play a critical role in the social partners’ efforts to become an official ESSDC and as well an important tool to consolidate the European professional basketball alliance

Project application – Pending.