Trend Research for the Postal Sector in 2030 – Social Dialogue Committee Project

Sunday 14 January 2018

The project aims at engaging an innovative exercise of reflection and research between the European social partners. In accordance with the prospective method, it aims to elaborate three to five scenarios on the future of the postal sector, especially from a social perspective. It will be essential to establish a clear framework for following each stage of the reflection leading to the final scenarios and conclusions.

For this purpose, the project will require the support from an external consultant with experience and knowledge in prospective studies and trend research. It is a common exercise of the social partners to gain a better perception and understanding of the future of the postal industry. It will be important to integrate the viewpoint from both sides and ensure the diversity of contributors and the interactivity of the workshops. This exercise will help to reflect on innovative ideas and activities to maintain and further develop the sustainability of the postal sector in the future. In this sense, the project is fully in line with the objectives of the PSE working group which is to monitor and anticipate the main evolutions in the sector.

The project has been submitted