Anticipating, Preparing and Managing Employment Change in the Private Security Industry

Thursday 11 October 2018

The final conference on ‘Anticipating, Preparing and Managing Employment Change in the Private Security Industry’ was held this week in Brussels. It presented the conclusions of a report to the UNI Europa affiliates and CoESS members, and facilitated discussions with social partners on the future actions to be taken by their respective organisations at national and European level.

Eduardo Cobas from CoESS and Mark Bergfeld opened the day stressing the importance of the EU Sectoral Social Dialogue and put the project into perspective. In the second session of the day the future challenges for the Private Security industry were discussed. Trade unionists and employers also broke into small groups to discuss employment and working conditions, technology, the attractiveness of the sector and training.

Mark Bergfeld, who leads the Property Services sector at UNI Europa, said: ‘The multifarious changes and challenges in private security can only be tackled at a sectoral level. Our work in the EU Social Dialogue helps UNI to ensure the presence of union rights and collective bargaining in multinational companies across the European continent. The best way to ensure proper wages is strong sectoral collective bargaining, which must be a joint effort between trade unions and companies’.

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