UNI supports striking Ryanair workers across Europe

Monday 1 October 2018

UNI Global Union praises the commitment of  Ryanair workers fighting for fair wages, decent work and the right to join a union. Ryanair cabin crews in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain took strike action on Friday and pilots in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands joined with them.

UNI urges all its affiliates to get on twitter and let @ryanair know that workers around the world don’t accept that low cost means low wages and low standards: #ryanairMUSTchange

UNI General Secretary Christy Hoffman said, “Well done to the brave Ryanair workers who are fighting back after years of mistreatment in this  very profitable industry. They are a shining a light for other workers across the aviation industry who are also the victims of ruthless cost cutting.  Tomorrow protests go global with an international day of action for airport workers: #PovertyDoesntFly. Standing together, workers across the entire industry will win their fair share.”

Ryanair worker demands are based on a litany of concerns about the way Europe’s largest low cost  treats its workers, including denying them a decent income and a working environment free from fear. The majority of Ryanair cabin crew are working in extremely precarious jobs and those that dare to speak out face intimidation and harsh disciplinary action.

Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary of UNI Europa, stated “Ryanair workers have have seen their working rights trodden upon for too long. We need the Ryanair Cabin Crew Charter to be swiftly put into place. This will be the first step to bargaining collectively and achieving decent working conditions for all Ryanair staff.”

UNI supports the Ryanair Cabin Crew Charter which contains demands on economic conditions, safety and rostering, free water, a fair and supportive work culture, agency employment, the right to sick pay and sales targets.