Finance and Metal Sector Unions debate New Welfare Frontiers

Thursday 21 February 2019

UNI Europa Finance affiliates took part in a European workshop last 25 January 2019 in Brussels, where they debated European Works Councils (EWCs) and company welfare, with the aim of developing and spreading an innovative method of cooperation between EWCs and companies, national and European trade unions and European trade union federations, in order to define a subsidiary welfare system in the European finance and metal sectors.

This workshop took place under the First-Cisl and Fim-Cisl project, promoted by and financed by the European Commission, and whose aim is: “Defining a company welfare system through the joint action of EWCs and Trade Unions in the metal and finance sectors: The key role of workers’ participation rights”.

As the first dissemination event, the workshop gathered the project partners (trade unions and Unicredit Group) as well as European social partners and institutions (ETUC and EESC) to give a concrete contractual perspective on a wide range of services and protections (pension funds, health care and child care, work/life balance, family and personal services, tax savings) that have become more and more a priority when negotiating an improvement to the quality of work and private life.

Michael Budolfsen, President of UNI Europa finance, was part of the workshop’s main event, a panel on “Adapting the work to the individual. The welfare system: a strategic tool for industrial relations“, joined by Marco Bentivogli, Fim-Cisl General secretary, Emanuele Recchia, head of Unicredit Industrial Relations, Labour and Welfare Policies, Marco Cilento, ETUC, and Domenico Iodice, head of First-Cisl’s bargaining commission.

A public online survey (English version) was also launched during the meeting, to collect workers’ opinions and expectations on welfare policies in order to fine-tune trade union contractual demands.

For further information, please contact:

Luciano Malvolti, , First-Cisl International Coordinator,