Young finance union activists take part in European training on future of work

Wednesday 24 April 2019

After the success of the 2018 UNI Finance Youth Academy training project (see more here), in April 2019 three of our young finance sector trade union activists were given the opportunity to take part in a follow-up training offered by the ETUC and ETUI, once again in partnership with ILO-ACTRAV.

Alessandra Cialdani (FISAC-CGIL, Italy), Jorge Maeso (CCOO Servicios, Spain) and Krzysztof Gaworski (UBIS, Poland) were part of 50-strong group of hand-picked trade union officers under the age of 35 from a variety of sectors across 22 European countries to participate in the European Youth Academy on the Future of Work, a training and network-building project.

Over the course of a week, debates and training activities were held focusing on key issues regarding the future world of work: digitalisation of the economy, technological progress, AI, migration, the demographic challenge and climate change.

Can trade unions take action on automation processes, new platform economy models, and on-demand work? Is it possible to set up rules for such transnational, slippery processes? How can we defend the rights of multinational companies’ employees? How can we defeat right-wing, racist populism in post-crisis Europe?

Cross-cutting challenges require national unions to collaborate by using an international approach. The Youth Academy provided the participants with the opportunity to exchange information and learn how to work together.

European trade unions have different internal structures, traditions and approaches. In order to speak with one strong voice in the European arena, as the ETUC aims to do, it is necessary to establish a dialogue and to build mutual trust.

During the work of the Academy, the participants drafted some proposals for the new ETUC Youth Statement, which will include their claims and priorities. The Statement will be launched in Geneva later this year, as part of the ILO’s centenary celebrations.

UNI Europa Finance will continue to encourage the participation of our young trade union activists in these international and network-building activities and to include these future trade union leaders in our work and decision-making processes.