The Croatian Graphical Union celebrates its 7th Congress: inclusion of media and communications workers as well as stepping up organising efforts.

Thursday 17 October 2019

The Croatian Printing and Publishing Industry Trade Union of Croatia (SINDICAT GRAFICARA) celebrated its 7th Congress on September 27th with almost 100 delegates attending.

Darije Hanzalek was unanimously re-elected as President and important changes were made to the statute to include workers in the media and communication sector. These Statute changes also reflect the intention to step up investment and efforts on organising.

Prior to Congress, SINDICAT GRAFICARA held its International Conference “Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on Labor Relations and Social Dialogue in Printing and Publishing Industry” which brought together all stakeholders in the graphical and publishing industry across Croatia to discuss the challenges faced by the Sector.

The panel included Head of UNI Graphical Nicola Konstantionou, COZZ Director Rafal Tomasiak, Hans-Joachim Schulze from Ver.di and Gwenola Deroo from SYNDEX who were joined by other trade union representatives, employer representatives, delegates of the Ministry of labor and representatives of educational institutions.