Call for applications – academic literature review & investor briefing on labour shortages & labour turnover in the Property Services & Private Care sectors

Tuesday 8 June 2021

UNI Europa – Property Services and Uni Europa UNICARE have two call for applications open in the context of their RETAIN project on Tackling Labour Turnover in Property Services and Private Care – Devising Union Strategies for Recruitment and Retention.

  1. expert to draft an academic literature review on labour shortages and labour turnover in the industrial cleaning, private security, and long-term care sectors. The academic literature review will be used for designing final policy recommendations for the RETAIN project report.
  2. an expert for an investor briefing report on retention strategies in the sectors of industrial cleaning, private security and long-term care, and content preparation for three training sessions on addressing labour turnover and increasing retention in the mentioned sectors. The outputs will be used to organize training sessions with workers’ representatives on addressing labour retention with investors, to organize meetings with investors in the three sectors on improving retention, and for designing final policy recommendations for the RETAIN project report.

RETAIN project is an EU-funded project (VP/2019/002/0052) that seeks to identify best practices and union strategies to tackle the issues of recruitment, retention and labour turnover in the long-term care, private security and industrial cleaning sectors.

Deadline for submissions: 25 June 2021 by 12PM (noon)