regions: UNI Asia & Pacific

UNI Asia & Pacific is a powerful regional voice for workers in the skills and services sectors—which support the economic and social lives of hundreds-of-millions of people.

A voice for service workers in Asia & Pacific

Together with our 200 trade union affiliates across the region, UNI Asia & Pacific advances the interests of workers by supporting organizing campaigns, promoting social dialogue and developing constructive labour-management relationships. We also work within regional and sub-regional bodies like ASEAN and SAARC to ensure that their policies and programmes put people first.  

UNI Asia & Pacific has set out an ambitious way to forward strengthen democracy, reduce inequality and promote sustainability that includes: 

  • Organizing for union growth.  
  • Making a new, union-centred, world of work.  
  • Securing standards in the informal economy and adapting unions to new forms of work. 
  • Focusing on gender equality, women’s empowerment and ending gender-based violence. 
  • Building social partnerships with effective social dialogue to improve jobs. 

The UNI Asia & Pacific secretariat is based in Singapore. The office is led by Regional Secretary Rajendra Acharya who was elected at its 5th Regional Congress held in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2019.