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On 19 May 2015, the European Commission presented a 700+ page package of documents. They describe the principles to which European legislation must adhere, as well as the processes leading up to making or revising EU legislation. The package is aimed at improving the conditions for Europe’s small and medium-sized companies by “cutting red tape” and “removing unnecessary burdens”. UNI Europa has criticised the package for its lack of commitment to social conditions, for its favouritism of industry needs, and for the Commission’s attempt to de-democratise the legislative process.
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General National Strike in Greece to halt the attack on workplace democracy

Thursday 10 June 2021

A bill of law being pushed by the Greek government has come under fire for its regressive and anti-worker provisions. UNI Europa fully backs the national strike and condemns the highly restrictive draft legislation which would be a serious blow to democracy at work. Provisions in the proposed law would overturn what is left of…

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UNI blasts Amazon for refusing to testify before EU Parliament

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Christy Hoffman, the General Secretary of UNI Global Union, the 20-million strong service workers union federation, blasted Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos today for refusing to participate in an official European Parliament hearing schedule for May 27th to investigate Amazon’s attacks on fundamental workers’ rights. “Amazon had $44 billion in sales in Europe and paid no corporate taxes….

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EU Social Summit: 3 concrete actions services workers’ unions want to see

Friday 7 May 2021

Oliver Roethig puts forward 3 concrete actions that services sector unions want to see come out of the European Social Summit, taking place in Porto on 7-8 May 2021: EU leaders are meeting in Porto for the Social Summit. Working people need action. We often talk about Europe, Social Europe being the example for the…

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Time for the EU to put an end to bogus self-employment in platform work

Wednesday 3 March 2021

The European Commission has launched a consultation for “possible action addressing the challenges related to working conditions in platform work”. Platforms that force their workers into bogus self-employment have been a major driver of increasing precarity for working people in Europe over the past decade. “A worker is a worker. No amount of Uber’s lobbying…

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