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UNI Europa Commerce is the European Union for the retail and wholesale industry. We represent more than 60 trade unions from 35 countries.
UNI Europa Commerce is committed to raise the voice of commerce workers in its lobbying activities within the EU Institutions. It is engaged in constructive relations with EuroCommerce in the framework of the European Social Dialogue and aims at implementing a work programme that is relevant for national social partners. It coordinates the establishment of EWCs in the Commerce sector by strengthening the trade union presence and the coordination and link with the existing and future trade union alliances. It supports UNI Europa Commerce affiliates in protecting work-free Sunday and enhance good practices in social dialogue and collective bargaining to safeguard employees’ work-life balance.
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UNI Europa Commerce leaders approve action plan for the next 4 years

Wednesday 3 June 2015

At the UNI Europa Commerce Conference in Gdansk, Poland, trade union leaders from all over Europe approved an action plan to strengthen the position of commerce workers in a new world of work. UNI Europe Head of Commerce Laila Castaldo said: ‘Today, we have agreed an ambitious action plan for the commerce sector to be…

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European Sunday Alliance launches broadly supported interest group on work-life balance

Thursday 5 March 2015

On 3 March, the European Day for a Work Free Sunday, at the EU Parliament, and at the presence of MEPs from the main political groups, the European Sunday Alliance launched the first European Interest Group on WORK-LIFE BALANCE. The group supported by representatives of politicians, trade unions, employers, family and sports organizations and representatives…

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