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Act now to guarantee good working conditions in the insurance sector post-Covid

Thursday 24 June 2021

Trade unions in the insurance sector should act quickly to ensure the rights and conditions of insurance workers post-Covid-19, heard participants at an online meeting organized by UNI Europa Finance (with the participation also of UNI Finance’s Japanese affiliates) on 21 June. The pandemic has had a major impact on workplaces and work organization, with…

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Motion 2: Restructuring

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Read the report: Restructuring Process in the Service Sectors & Trade Union Responses in English, French and German. The economic decline and lockdowns due to Covid-19 throughout the European Union have not only seen a shift to remote work and online activities but also an increase in the number of hostile takeovers, mergers and acquisitions….

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EPOC Network: Organising for retention and growth under COVID-19

Tuesday 2 March 2021

How do unions ensure that they can still grow despite the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic? What organising methods and techniques are effective when most workers are working from home? These were the central questions of this month’s EPOC Network discussion meeting, “Organising for retention and growth under COVID-19”.   Gareth Murphy, Head of Industrial Relations and Campaigns at FSU, UNI’s finance affiliate in Ireland,…

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