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Agreement reached by Italian Social Partners on Sales Vs Advice in Banking Sector

Friday 10 February 2017

On 8 February 2017, the Italian UNI Finance affiliated trade unions FABI, FIRST CISL, FISAC CGIL, UILCA, and UNISIN reached an agreement with the Italian Banking Association (ABI) on sales policies and work organisation. The agreement marks an important step in promoting the development of responsible and sustainable sales policies, in alignment with professional ethics,…

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New UniCredit agreement signed by the Italian trade unions

Wednesday 8 February 2017

On 4 February, 2017 the Italian affiliates of UNI Finance, FABI, FIRST-CISL, FISAC CGIL, UILCA and UNISIN signed an agreement with the banking group UniCredit on the social impact of its business plan “Transformer”, presented on 13 December 2016. The main achievements of the agreement are; the 3,900 redundancies will be voluntary and employees will…

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UNI Europa has signed up to the new ‘No to Tax Havens’ campaign

Monday 30 January 2017

It is designed to remind policymakers at EU level of their responsibility to citizens – they have to actively push for fair taxation and ensure an end to tax havens – in short, we want them to increase tax justice in Europe instead of following the interests of individual major corporations. Join us in putting…

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