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The European Region of the Media, Entertainment & Arts sector of Union Global Union (UNI MEI), represents over 70 unions and guilds in the media, entertainment and arts sector in Europe. The membership of its affiliates includes technicians, screenwriters, film directors and other workers in broadcasting, cinema, theatre as well as in visual arts.
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UNI MEI message on World TV Day: Independence equals freedom

Wednesday 21 November 2018

In a statement released on today’s World Television Day, the global community of media & entertainment unions affiliated to UNI Global Union representing television workers in more than 100 countries call on national governments, intergovernmental organisations, political parties and all organisations interacting with television workers to respect and protect the political independence of TV networks…

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Electronic evidence in criminal matters: European media industries, EFJ and UNI MEI call for protection of the free and independent media

Friday 9 November 2018

In a joint statement adopted on 9th November 2018, ACT (Association of Commercial Television in Europe), AER (Association of European Radios), EBU (European Broadcasting Union), EFJ (European Federation of Journalists), EMMA (European Magazine Media Association) ENPA (European Newspaper Publishers’ Association), EPC (European Publishers Council), NME (News Media Europe) and UNI MEI raised their concerns on…

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Joint position on Brexit adopted by key players in the EU audiovisual sector

Friday 2 November 2018

In a joint declaration on Brexit and the EU Audiovisual sector adopted on 31st October 2018, European employers’ organisations (EBU, FIAPF, CEPI) and trade union federations (EFJ, FIA, FIM and EURO-MEI) express their grave concern about the potential threat to the Audiovisual industry posed by Brexit. The declaration calls on the negotiators on both sides…

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New legislation threatens independence of public service media in Lithuania

Friday 19 October 2018

The Lithuanian Trade Union of Broadcasting Workers and its global union, UNI MEI are concerned with the impact on new legislation that threatens the political independence of public service media in Lithuania. The majority of the Lithuanian parliament “Seimas” recently launched a legislative process seeking to amend the Law on regulating the public broadcaster Lithuanian…

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