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UNI Europa TAW (temporary agency work) aims to improve the conditions of temporary agency staff and ensure equal treatment for temporary agency workers in Europe.
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Constructive discussion with Commissioner Thyssen

Tuesday 26 January 2016

On 25 January, UNI Europa representatives, lead by Regional Secretary Oliver Roethig, met with Commissioner Marianne Thyssen to discuss recent developments in Europe concerning social affairs and employment. At the meeting, the UNI Europa representatives highlighted the challenges in the new world of work due to rapid technological changes. UNI Europa has been one of…

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Spotlight shed on working conditions in call centre

Tuesday 20 October 2015

On 20 October, the UNI Global Union call centre action week kicked off. Since 2006, UNI Global Union (the global union for workers in the service sector) organises during the month of October a major campaign in call centres. From October 20 to 25, UNI Europa affiliates relay the campaign at company level to improve…

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EWC agreement signed in Randstad Group

Monday 13 July 2015

On July 10, Randstad Group signed an agreement establishing the European Works Council in the company. UNI Europa TAW together with its affiliates has been driving the process for a few years. The EWC replaces a voluntary information and consultation structure, Randstad European Platform, which existed since 1996. The EWC agreement has sthengthened the concept…

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