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In order to defend the interests of its affiliates and their members, UNI Europa needs to counteract the actions of the MNCs, by developing an alternative coordinated strategic approach by using and maximising the limited resources available.

In its coordinated approach on multinationals, UNI Europa seeks to develop not only policy discussions but also and mainly concrete European trade union actions (such as campaigns, organising activities, collective bargaining coordination, transnational negotiations).

Trade union coordinators for EWCs and SE Works Councils play also an important role in accompanying and strengthening EWCs and SE WCs. Their aim is to improve the ability of the trade unions and EWCs to take effective action beyond national borders. For UNI Europa, these coordinators are an essential lever for a successful company policy coordinated at European level.

The UNI Europa team on EWCs and MNCs is working to

• Develop EWCs as tool for trade union action
• Enhance transnational trade union coordination to anticipate change and restructuring inn MNCs
• Define strategies to strengthen trade union presence and support in multinationals and European work councils
• Establish of strong, stable and sustainable trade union alliances among affiliates with the view to improve the working conditions, ensure a successful consultation process for employees and a factual influence on the decision making process of company’s managements.
• Reinforce the role of EWC coordinators
• Provide tools, training and concrete solutions to the problems faced by EWCs members and coordinators
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The 5th UNI Europa Regional Conference opens

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Unions representing 7 million service sector workers from across Europe are coming together for the first virtual edition of the UNI Europa Regional Conference. Their rallying call is ‘forward through collective bargaining’. Over 900 delegates and trade union guests will be attending the online event, which is hosted by UNI-affiliated unions from the three trade…

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Adecco: does the leading “HR solutions” corporation see social dialogue as anything more than a PR exercise?

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Since 2014, the year when the Jacobs family pulled out of Adecco, the workers have been denouncing that the Adecco Group has increasingly steered towards a short-termist management approach. According to its workers, Adecco moved from being run as a family company to a management focused almost exclusively on returns to investors, disregarding a frenetic…

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Call for applications: business and human rights due diligence expert for 2-year project

Thursday 18 March 2021

UNI Europa is recruiting an external expert in human rights due diligence in the context of an EU-funded project on “Improving due diligence in practice: an opportunity for workers’ involvement, information and consultation and strengthened trade union networks”, which will run for 2 years from February 2021 to January 2023. This project will identify global…

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Managing the impact of Brexit on workers’ representation in multinational companies – EWC recommendations

Thursday 21 January 2021

European Works Councils (EWCs) bring together employee representatives from the different European countries in which a multinational company has operations. What are the implications of Brexit for the workers representatives and coordinators? What are their options and tools to safeguard workers information and consultation rights? The European trade union federations have got together to outline…

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