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Commission’s AI policy: some progress but still too little to protect workers

Thursday 20 February 2020

Editorial by UNI Europa Regional Secretary Oliver Roethig. Yesterday 19 February 2020, the European Commission has published its long-awaited White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI). UNI Europa welcomes the White Paper as a further step towards a European AI strategy that considers both the opportunities and risks of AI and should be based on the…

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ETUC Congress: UNI Europa calls for placing collective bargaining at the centre for the next four years’ mandate.  

Thursday 23 May 2019

At the ETUC’s 14th Congress in Vienna this week, UNI Europa highlighted that collective bargaining is fundamental for a fair, social and democratic Europe, a Europe for everyone. UNI Europa’s key priority is to reinforce our affiliates’ collective bargaining power. All workers are entitled to be covered by sectoral collective agreements. What we want is…

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UNI Europa stands in solidarity with Transport Workers

Monday 25 March 2019

The European Transport Workers’ Federation is currently running the Fair Transport Europe campaign to fight back against social dumping and to defend a positive vision of the transport sector in Europe. Our joint action week, taking place between 22 and 27 March, will see coordinated convoys, rallies and international gatherings across Europe. “By working together,…

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UNI Europa calls for the rejection of the “innovation principle” from Horizon Europe

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Ahead of tomorrow’s trilogue meeting between the EU institutions which will agree on the legislative package for the EU research programme Horizon Europe, UNI Europa joins together with civil society organisations to call on the EU Parliament and Council to remove the “innovation principle” from Horizon Europe. The so-called “innovation principle” represents a red line…

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