Carol Scheffer (CWU Ireland) elected new President of the UNI Europa Women’s Committee

Carol Scheffer (CWU Ireland) elected new President of the UNI Europa Women’s Committee

On April 26, the 6th UNI Europa Women’s successful Conference that gathered 118 unions participating from 33 countries with 167 delegates and 98 observers in total has elected its new President.

This year, the UNI Europa Women’s Conference took a very progressive approach by agreeing key strategic priorities for the upcoming four years. These strategic priorities highlighted the in-equality between women and men that persists in the world of work. Although the global female labour force participation rate continues at almost 50%, women continue to suffer more from occupation and sectoral segregation, to endure unequal distribution of unpaid care and household work, to be paid less than men for the same job and to endure different forms of violence at home and at the workplace.

Our strategic priorities featured three key areas that UNI Women will be concentrating on. These are:

1          Violence and economic inequalities
2.        Health inequalities
3.        Digitalisation

The UNI Europa Women’s Committee will continue to work together to develop comprehensive strategies to protect women post COVID. This includes monitoring working conditions and ensuring that women’s issues are at the heart of the collective bargaining agenda. We recognise that Europe is an example of how diverse cultures can share common values and the European services sector trade unions are still at the forefront the struggle for equality as they represent 65% of both the economic output and employment in the EU.

The UNI Europa Women’s Committee will deliver on the gender pay transparency and we will demand strict controls over violence in the home and at work.

Catch up on the Women’s Conference as it happened here: #UNIEUWOMEN21.

Read Carol Scheffer’s acceptance speech here.

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