Vacancy: Project Coordinator for UNICARE


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Vacancy: Project Coordinator for UNICARE

We at UNI Europa are looking for a Project Coordinator for UNICARE.

UNICARE is one of the most growing, exciting and dynamic sectors within UNI Europa. The sector has developed several EU-financed projects, several union organizing projects across the European continent, continues to engage in cutting edge research and capacity-building projects.

As the Project Coordinator within UNICARE, you will have a key role in assisting with the implementation of these projects. Some of these activities will include providing strategic input, conducting research and preparing documents, communicating with affiliates and European Works Council representatives on important developments, as well as facilitating interactive workshops and other meetings.

You will report to the Regional Secretary and the Director of Property Services and UNICARE.

Applications for the position must be sent to Véronique Ernould, Director - Human Resources and Office Management at no later than 07 June 2022.

The full terms of reference are available here:

We hope to meet you soon!