New European agreement reached for ICT-mobile workers in the commerce sector

Saturday 26 May 2018

On 25th May, the European social partners for the Commerce sector, Uni Europa and EuroCommerce, reached a consensus on a revised European Agreement for guidelines on Telework and ICT-mobile work in the commerce sector. Since the last agreement was signed sixteen years ago, digitalisation, advancements in technology and e-commerce have fundamentally changed how the commerce sector operates.

This new agreement includes, for the first time, ICT-mobile workers and addresses issues like employment conditions, confidentiality and health and safety.

Kähärä Erika from PAM in Finland stated “ with more and more sales happening online, there is a growing proportion of jobs, also in commerce, that can be done without being bound to a specific place of work. The social partners UNI Europa and EuroCommerce have reacted to this and brought the European agreement on guidelines on Telework and ICT-mobile work, up to date.”

“Trade has long been a sector in constant change and transformation, in a long transition from a traditional model to another more appropriate, current one in line with the digitalisation process.” stated Fernando Medina Gómez from Federación de Servicios de CCOO in Spain.

“With the renewal of the agreement on Telework and ICT-mobile work, which we will undoubtedly see growth alongside the current business model, the social partners have responded to the challenge of the need for greater flexibility for this type of work. For UNI Europa Commerce, and its affiliates involved proactively in these processes, fostering a contractual exchange between flexibility and security is a great success.”

Read the full agreement below: