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Together with its related activities, tourism is one of the biggest and fast expanding European economic sectors. Globalisation, demographic changes and the evolution in transport are decisive factors in driving the rapid growth of this industry. With its variety of attractions and quality of its tourism services, Europe is the world leading tourist destination. Tourism is therefore an activity with a broadly positive impact on economic growth and employment in Europe.

The tourism sector consists of tour operators and guides, travel agencies, recreation and entertainment, food, transport and accommodation services. But it is also a cross-cutting sector whose fortunes impact on many other sectors ranging from construction to retail business.

UNI Europa represents workers in tourism companies such as tour operators and travel agencies, as well as in other service sectors linked to tourism.

UNI Europa is working closely with the European trade unions federations EFFAT and the ETF within the ETLC (European Trade Union Liaison Committee on Tourism), which is a coordination platform of all trade unions representing workers in tourism.

ETLC has the aim of ensuring that decision-makers at European level take into consideration the specific interests and needs of the tourism workforce and, whenever possible, that the trade unions speak with one voice. The paramount aim is the promotion of sustainable employment in tourism. We want to achieve this by:

  • Improvement of working conditions for workers in the tourism sector
  • Promotion of training/continuous training in the tourism industry
  • Promotion of the social dialogue in the tourism sector
  • Strengthening cross-border cooperation between trade unions which represent workers in the tourism sector