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Multinational corporations are using the crisis to shut workers out

Wednesday 22 July 2020

In the uncertainty of the crisis, too many multinational corporations are making moves to undermine workers’ information and consultation rights. The full involvement of workers and their unions in shaping company decisions through the crisis is essential to reaching a new normal of social justice. Many jobs are on the line. The EU’s role: pulling…

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EURO-MEI, FIA, FIM and EFJ launch publication on organising freelancers in the Media, Arts and Entertainment Sector

Monday 13 July 2020

The media, arts and entertainment sector is characterised by a high rate of freelance, self-employed or otherwise “atypical” workers, who are difficult to organise for trade unions. Drawing on the key findings of a two-year EU-funded project, four trade union federations EURO-MEI, FIA, FIM and EFJ publish today a handbook on Trade Union Organising in…

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“What you do not see does not exist” – Promoting gender equality & diversity in the European audiovisual sector

Friday 3 July 2020

Illustrations: © Yasmine Gateau The social partners of the EU Social Dialogue Committee in the Audiovisual sector – commercial and public broadcasters, producers, and trade unions representing journalists, cast and crew – have been cooperating to promote gender equality in film, radio and television for many years already. After the adoption of a Framework of…

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