We must make digitalisation work for workers says UNI Europa Finance’s Trade Union Alliance for UniCredit

Wednesday 26 September 2018

UNI Europa Finance’s Trade Union Alliance for UniCredit came together for a successful meeting in Turin on 25th September.

A crucial item of debate was the impact of digitalisation on employment and working conditions in Europe’s banking sector, and the importance for trade unions to have a strong voice within multinationals to make sure that workers benefit from new technology without suffering any negative consequences. These are key areas of work for UNI Europa and UNI Global, and the Trade Union Alliance expressed enthusiasm and commitment to working closely with us to ensure good working standards and worker protection in the digital age.

Henry Cunningham and Janet Johnson, Programme Manager and Junior Project Officer respectively at ILO ACTRAV, also joined us to highlight to the group the important work they are doing on the future world of work and the excellent collaboration with UNI Finance, most recently in our joint ILO ACTRAV / UNI Europa Finance Youth Academy project, run with the support of UNI Finance.

UNI Finance is currently in talks with management at UniCredit and hopes to launch negotiations shortly on a Global Framework Agreement, another decisive step in UNI’s fight to ensure equal rights and standards for workers in multinationals around the world.