Finance Youth Academy fosters gender equality and promotes future women trade union leaders

Friday 19 October 2018

From 16-18th October, UNI Europa Finance held another workshop in Vienna for its Youth Academy, with the aim of promoting and strengthening gender equality in finance sector.

Within the framework of the ILO-EU cooperation, the Programme for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV) of the International Training Centre of the ILO and in partnership with the UNI Europa Finance, the gender training workshop highlighted that discrimination is often the main source of gender inequality in the workplace.

Further discussions were held on fostering equality and non-discrimination in the trade union movement, encouraging young women trade unionists, developing women’s leadership, negotiating gender and diversity issues in collective agreements, and tackling gender segregation and the gender pay gap.

The workshop also focussed on developing future action for UNI Europa Finance to promote women trade union leaders.

Amel Djemail, Equal Opportunities spokesperson for UNI Europa, gave a presentation on UNI’s equal pay campaign, alongside a case study of gender equality laws in Iceland, and the gender equality situation in the finance sector was discussed. Djemail emphasised that early education is key to nipping gender discrimination in the bud, which thus has a positive knock-on effect on reducing the gender pay gap.

The final workshop on ‘Communication Skills and Strategies for Organising Youth in Finance Sector’ will take place in Turin from 3rd– 5thDecember.