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EU SOCIAL PILLAR 1st ANNIVERSARY: celebrating a date, not an accomplishment

Tuesday 13 November 2018

UNI Europa Regional Secretary Oliver Roethig, commenting on the first anniversary of the EU Social Pillar, said a real commitment to sectoral collective bargaining was necessary, if the initiative was to succeed for workers. Roethig said, “In a year we have not seen all that much – it’s like a brightly shining birthday candle without…

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Joint position on Brexit adopted by key players in the EU audiovisual sector

Friday 2 November 2018

In a joint declaration on Brexit and the EU Audiovisual sector adopted on 31st October 2018, European employers’ organisations (EBU, FIAPF, CEPI) and trade union federations (EFJ, FIA, FIM and EURO-MEI) express their grave concern about the potential threat to the Audiovisual industry posed by Brexit. The declaration calls on the negotiators on both sides…

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Annual UNI Europa Women’s Committee held in Brussels

Thursday 1 November 2018

The UNI Europa Women’s Committee, which took place in Brussels on the 29th of October,  is an annual opportunity to discuss the work that is being carried out throughout the region by the different areas as well as by the members of the committee in representation of UNI Global Union. It is also an opportunity…

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