UNI President & President of PAM slams Finnish government’s attack on workers

Thursday 17 September 2015

Ann Selin, the President of the biggest union in Finland, PAM, and also the President of UNI Global Union, says the right wing Finnish government’s anti-trade union legislation is an assault on employees.

Selin urged working people to join the mass demonstration planned for Friday 18 September in Helsinki.  UNI Global Union and its 20 million members are getting behind the demonstration online via #STOP. There is also an online petition against the proposed legislation.

Finland’s Government says the cuts are an absolute financial necessity but Selin says they are politically motivated:

“The Government is conducting a hard policy to please the employers. For employees, this is a brutal attack. How are these measures supposed to improve employment figures?

“Collective agreements contain terms on Sunday compensation, overtime, sick leave pay and paid holidays. The Government imposing legislation and dictating the contents of the collective agreements is a violation of the freedom to organise and as such limits the contractual rights of the parties to the collective agreements. This is a frontal attack on the Finnish Constitution and the ILO conventions.

“It is totally impossible that in a society based on mutual agreements, the Government should dictate the maximum terms of sectoral collective agreements,” Selin concluded.

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