Deal on ‘better regulation’ – Politico reports

Friday 11 December 2015

Today, Brussels-based Politico reported that EU institutions have reached an agreement on the European Commission’s ‘better regulation‘ agenda, recognising the joint responsibility of Commission, Europan Parliament and Council of Ministers “in delivering high quality legislation” in order to strengthen the EU’s economy.

After attacks from trade unions and NGOs, the Commission had to include new promises to ensure the transparency of the better regulation process — a change from a proposal published in May.

UNI Europa was directly quoted with a reaction:

Asked about the agreement, NGOs and trade union representatives broadly approved of it, but said they are concerned about the impact on environmental, social and health standards.

Christina Colclough, the Head of EU affairs at UNI Europa, a trade union federation, said she was disappointed by the main goal of the agreement, to focus on cutting red tape, saying that it could come at the expense of important regulations.

‘They are following the negative narrative of somehow the EU being over-regulated, and are making no reference at all on the benefits of being a member of the EU,’ she said.

Colclough, who founded the Better Regulation Watchdog — an alliance of more than 60 NGOs and trade unions critical of the Commission’s plans — also pointed out a lack of transparency on impact assessments, which won’t be made public if they are rejected by the regulatory scrutiny board.

With member states probably giving their green light by next Tuesday and the next step being the Commission approving the final agreement, it is likely to be voted on in the European Parliament in February 2016.

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