Central and Eastern European Organising Institute launched at UNI Europa Conference

Monday 14 March 2016

At the UNI Europa Conference in Rome, Regional Secretary Oliver Roethig launched the Central and Eastern European Organising Institute. The Institute will have an overarching focus on the region in order to enhance the representation of unions, strengthen industrial relations and grow organising capacity.

The Organising Institute will:

  • Plan and manage organising campaigns across Central Europe
  • Identify and train new Lead Organisers
  • Train new organisers
  • Train existing union officials in organising
  • Train existing activists and representatives

UNI Europa Regional Secretary Roethig said, “We have turned the corner in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of building unions – but only just.”

“Much still needs to be done in order to reestablish a vibrant and powerful labour movement in the region, and time is running out. Weak trade unions in Central and Eastern Europe means that multinational companies can simply relocate to benefit from a lack of collective bargaining and trade union rights.”

“Weak trade unions in one country helps governments to play trade unions and workers against each other all over Europe.”

“We need the support of our affiliates, the ETUC and other global labour organisations – together we can build a new Europe by organising together.”

In an interview, UNI Global Union’s Director of Organising Andy Snoddy said “The purpose of the Institute will be be to manage organising campaigns, to assist local unions, and to train shop stewards and activists. The Institute will help build up our organising capacity in this very important region of Europe.”

Watch the full interview below.