Live performance – joint statement on the role of culture in society

Friday 2 September 2016

The European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee in the Live Performance sector has been closely following the state of cultural funding around Europe and the impacts of funding cuts to the sector. As a response the European Social Partners have adopted a joint statement on the importance and the role of culture and arts in society. The statement emphasizes the importance of publicly funded cultural institutions to ensure the quality and diversity of the repertoire and to ensure that everyone has access to culture. It underlines the importance of social dialogue as a means to respond to the challenges the sector is facing. The EU and the member states need to ensure that the different legislations don’t impede workers in the sector in exercising their right to freedom of association and access to social dialogue.

The European Social Partners introduce a variety of measures to counter the impacts of budget cuts and to support the sector and its role in society. You can download the statement here.