UNI Europa and UNI Americas send letter to EP trade committee Chairman on situation in Mexico

Monday 20 February 2017

UNI Europa and UNI Americas have sent a letter to Bernd Lange MEP, Chairman of the International Trade Committee in the European Parliament ahead of this week’s trip of the EP trade committee delegation trip to Mexico.

The letter outlined major concerns regarding the existing EU-Mexico agreement that contains no enforceable mechanisms for ensuring compliance with global standards for labour and human rights and environmental protection.

It also expresses concern about the lack of transparency surrounding the process of negotiating a EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement which, according to recent press statements, has been placed on a fast track. While some negotiating texts have been made public, there has been no effective or inclusive process of consultation with leaders of democratic trade unions or other key representatives of Mexican civil society.

UNI Europa and UNI Americas call on the European Commission and the Mexican Government to conduct the negotiations transparently and in full consultation with civil society, specifically the democratic trade union movements of Mexico and the EU.

Given the continued attacks on human rights defenders, journalists and independent trade unions in Mexico, we also specifically request that the INTA delegation commit to meeting next week with leaders of democratic unions, including the National Union of Workers (UNT) and affiliates of UNI Americas, specifically CTRM, our Telecom union, as well as other important Civil Society actors, such as the German NGO FES. We would be happy to provide contact information if needed.

Read the full letter here