UNI Europa response to the European Commission public consultation: ‘Feedback on the future of Europe’

Monday 31 July 2017

UNI Europa, the European services workers union, wants the strongest and fairest possible EU. To achieve this, the EU must go back to its base and urgently regain workers’ and citizens’ trust and enthusiasm in the EU project. UNI Europa continues to call for improved and better-enforced social and employment rights and standards across Europe. We were disappointed at the clear vacuum in the EU Commission’s Future of Europe White Paper on these crucial rights and standards and on the fundamental role of trade unions, social dialogue and collective bargaining in protecting and promoting these.

The EU must do more in these key areas to show it is on the side of citizens rather than big business, and deliver a real and effective Social Europe serving working people.

In the run up to the 17 November 2017 Social Summit, UNI Europa’s concrete demands are:

– A binding political undertaking from EU leaders to include a social progress protocol in the next substantive EU Treaty revision, with failure to do so to result in the rejection of future Treaty changes by the ETUC and its affiliates;

– Genuine EU legislative proposals before the Social Summit, including policy measures to protect and promote collective bargaining and EU level social partner agreements;

– A European Services Package that will genuinely improve the internal market for services and put an end to social dumping and the undermining of collective and individual workers’ rights and standards;

– A joint undertaking of the EU and its Social Partners to develop a standard employment relationship 4.0 for the digitalisation age and a legal and regulatory framework for updating skills and qualifications.

The European Pillar of Social Rights is a real opportunity to achieve a new path for Europe that puts workers and their families first. UNI Europa calls on the EU to deliver a credible promise of hope for working people and for this to be the backbone of all its Future of Europe policies and strategies.


Read our press release here.