UNI Europa responses to EU consultations on access to social protection for all workers

Monday 18 December 2017

UNI Europa welcomes the European Commission initiative to address the obstacles and barriers in accessing social protection and to ensure that access is granted to all workers, including genuinely self-employed workers and those in non-standard forms of employment, and no matter the duration of the employment relationship. Our key UNI Europa demands are:

  • For all workers in all forms of employment and work arrangements to have equal access to adequate social protection rights, benefits and entitlements, with a strict non-regression clause to ensure that widening access does not have a negative impact on the protection offered;
  • For a full transferability and accumulation of these rights, benefits and entitlements no matter the form or duration of employment;
  • For social protection coverage to be mandatory;
  • For an EU Directive setting binding minimum principles and requirements, and for this to be fully and properly enforced;
  • Whilst also ensuring that these minimum principles and requirements do not undermine the existing EU social acquis, national collective bargaining systems, the autonomy of social partners or the subsidiarity principle, nor lower existing national standards or lead to a downward harmonisation of rights.

Our response to the social partner consultation can be accessed here and our response to the public consultation can be accessed here.