Boosting unions’ participation to guarantee quality transitions and employment to young people in Europe – Cooperative project with other trade union federations

Sunday 14 January 2018

The project aims to contribute to the improvement of the situation of young Europeans in the labour market, to evaluate and to provide a trade union input to the implementation of European youth employment policies, and to empower young people in the trade unions, and make them more active in the industrial relations system, in particular via their youth structures. The project will address from a double-sided approach the implementation of European youth employment policies at European and national (even local) level.
The project also aims to carry out an in-depth analysis and quality evaluation of the potential tools European and national trade unions have at their disposal to promote youth employment at European, national and company level. One of the key tools available to social partners to tackle youth employment issues is collective bargaining at national, sectoral and company level. The aim of the project is to evaluate existing good practices and compare them across Europe.

The project is ongoing